• 2017 Xiaoshan Enterprise Tax List released! Which one pays the most? 2017 Xiaoshan Top 200 Taxpayers!


    Which company in Xiaoshan paid the most taxes last year? Today, Xiaoshan District released its list of independent companies that paid more than 5 million yuan in taxes in 2017. According to statistics, 724 companies were on the list and paid 18.826 billion yuan in taxes. Compared with the 2016 list, the editor found that the number of companies on the list increased by 108 in 2017, an increase of more than 17.5% year-on-year, and the total tax payment increased+

  • Elevator high temperature “heat stroke”, to Syney Electrical Weapon


    In recent days, continuous high temperature, dryness, windlessness, and sultry … If you are in such an environment, you will definitely have a heat stroke for half an hour when you stand outdoors. Do you know In the case of high temperature operation, the elevator will also strike due to “heat stroke”. A few days ago, two elevators in Hangzhou ’s Qingcheng Love Community had “heatstroke”, resulting in people being trapped in such hot weather. It is understood that since+

  • Anhui Provincial Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision notified of the 2016 supervision and inspection of elevator installation quality


    China Quality News Network News On February 17, 2017, the official website of the Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision of Anhui Province informed Anhui of the 2016 elevator installation quality supervision and random inspections. A total of 149 elevators from 149 elevator manufacturing units were randomly inspected. The average installation quality of a single elevator The rate was 87.69%, the highest was 100%, and the lowest was 68%. No key non-conformities affecting the safe operation of the elevator were+

  • 2017 Top Ten Elevator Brand Rankings Elevator Brand Ranking [Latest List]


    The top ten elevator brands in 2017, the most popular elevator brands in 2017, and the most popular elevator brands in 2017 are CNPP data research, and the most important elevator brand rankings. The list is supported by CNPP’s data technology. It uses a number of comprehensive evaluations, such as online voting, professional system data analysis and evaluation, and website user surveys, to generate automatic calculation programs. The top ten elevator brands of 2017 selected by fairness and fairness, the+

  • 2016 Xiaoshan tax payment list released! Xiaoshan top 100 corporate bosses are all inside!


    Xiaoshan District’s 2016 honorary list of independent companies that paid more than 5 million yuan in taxes was released! In 2016, a total of 616 companies were on the list, compared with 584 companies in 2015, the number increased by more than 5% year-on-year. Among them, there were 26 companies paying more than 100 million yuan in taxes, an increase of 4 from 2015. It can be seen that the gold content of the tax payment list this year has+

  • The first-line elevator brand, Syney Elevator, seized the new commanding heights with “intelligent manufacturing”!


    Promoting intelligent manufacturing is the fundamental way to solve China’s manufacturing industry from big to strong. In the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial change, all countries are studying how to seize the commanding heights of the new round of development. The integration of the Internet and traditional industrial industries is the commanding heights to grab, and the main direction of attack is intelligent manufacturing. Intelligent manufacturing is the upgrade of automation to intelligence in the entire+

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